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Previews for the week of 14-Apr-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • The action’s at the Genoa City Athletic Club’s ballroom, where Chelsea prepares to debut her new fashion line. But first, she has to get through Chloe and her attitude.
  • Jill Larson (ex-Opal, AMC) makes a special guest appearance as the fashion show stage manager with her hands full refereeing several catfights that break out.
  • Kevin tries like hell to get through to Chloe.
  • Neil airs out the fight between Chloe and Chelsea.
  • B&B’s Rick and Caroline attend Chelsea and Chloe’s fiasco of a fashion show. They witness the two women in quite a disarray.
  • Jack steps in to straighten Chloe and Chelsea out for this fashion show.
  • Chloe was about to say she’s sorry until Chelsea is caught trying to ice her out of a deal with the Forresters. All bets are off.
  • Chloe tries to cut up Chelsea’s main designer attraction.
  • Chelsea yells at Chloe, calling her a traitor who’s out to wreck her fashion show.
  • Kevin tries to prove to Chloe he’ll do anything for her.
  • Kevin says he should never have gotten Chloe to be his quickie wife like that. He’s got her attention.
  • Noah meets Caroline, and they do not like each other. They, in fact, rub each other the wrong way.
  • Nick and Sharon become more and more bonded. He’s so drawn to her.
  • Fake Cassie shadows Sharon and Nick while they’re at the park.
  • This fake Cassie turns to go when she senses she’s been made, and BAM! Runs into Noah.
  • Fake Cassie tries to brush Noah off when he tries to help her up. He’s confused. I don’t think he saw her face.
  • Fake Cassie doesn’t have Noah to worry about but another character who might ruin everything.
  • Fake Cassie gets spotted another time, resulting in a domino effect of chaos.
  • Victor and Jack amp up their testosterone-fest of hate and competition.
  • Billy lets Jill know what he’s feeling.
  • Summer frets because Jack’s getting closer with Kelly.
  • It’s sexy time for Michael and Lauren.
  • Michael has to get Lauren to the hospital STAT. She requires all the prenatal tests. The doctor appears, looking ominous.
  • Michael and Lauren respond seriously to what the doctor has to say.
  • Dylan’s jaw drops. Ian Ward rises again, like a swarm of locusts.
  • Colin spares no emotional expense in wooing Jill and showing her he’s for real. She, in kind, reciprocates.
  • Before the Atkinsons can enjoy their loving time, Chance rings up with info about Rachel and Shep. Turns out Rachel Berenson has nothing to do with the person Shep was familiar with.
  • Colin tries to bolster Jill’s spirits after this disappointment, by assuring her they won’t quit figuring this music box mystery out.
  • Jill and Coin have a renewal of vows in Katherine’s living room.
  • When Jill catches Colin talking to someone on the phone like he’s up to something nefarious, she’s forced to respond fast to circumvent.
  • Avery and Austin, the cameraman, proceed with her new cooking show. But filming runs into a bit of a jam.
  • Victor and Ian go toe to toe.
  • Traci and Ashley visit on the occasion of Abby and Tyler’s engagement.
  • Next week:  Sharon remembers more, and proceeds to tell Jack about some of it… Ashley v. Victoria over Stitch… Nick rises to the occasion of steering Sharon through dangerous territory… Chelsea has cause to look again at Billy… Victor will not have a good day… Jill doesn’t get to enjoy her love affair free and clear just yet.

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