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Previews for the week of 15-Dec-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Faith isn’t feeling Christmas right now, so Paul and Nick get in on the act to cheer her up.
  • Mariah becomes human for Sharon, letting her in a little more.
  • Fate intervenes on Sharon and Nick’s life in a major way — they are floored!
  • Nikki refuses to let Victor in, isolating herself from those she loves.
  • Cane extends a deal Victor’s way.
  • Michael has cause for concern about his family, possibly leaving them behind, especially what happens to Lauren.
  • Fen reacts to news that cancer has struck his mighty father, Michael.
  • Adam takes on the role of Gabriel as he traverses dangerous waters in Genoa City. He runs into his son Connor at the tree lot, and gets to touch base innocuously as a kindly stranger who picks up the little boy’s lost candy.
  • Adam demands Sage step up and prove she’s on the right team.
  • Billy catches Stitch off guard.
  • Chelsea and Victoria bury the hatchet — and not in each other’s backs.
  • Phyllis comes across a momentous thing.
  • Everything in Christine’s world turns upside-down with the latest.
  • Jill tries to get Billy to wake up about Chelsea. She’s bad news.
  • Dylan can’t wait to brag to Joe about his engagement to Avery.
  • When Avery’s engagement becomes real, Joe cuts the crap and declares his true intentions. He tries very hard to talk her out of marrying Dylan.
  • Neil continues breathing. Then, he fixes on taking action.
  • Neil takes Cane aside to whisper a confidence.

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