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Previews for the week of 25-Aug-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Nikki and Victor will suffer another blow to their marriage with the next anvil. It’s coming.
  • Victor and Nikki engage in major conflict.
  • Paul relays to Nikki that Ian Ward has gone AWOL.
  • Nikki makes herself sick catastrophizing Ian’s imminent counter-move, especially after it appears that something’s happened to the psycho.
  • Ian’s not-so-idle actions cause Nikki to pick up a drink.
  • Prior to attending a shindig in Katherine’s honor, Nikki takes her first drink of alcohol after several years of sobriety. This is a secret she feels she must never divulge to anyone, least of all loved ones.
  • Nina arrives next, taking Paul aside for some deep conversation.
  • Neil wants to go to Katherine’s anniversary party. But his family wishes he would stay home.
  • The late Katherine is honored with a party held at Chancellor Park on the anniversary of her passing. Everyone who meant anything to her is there to share their love.
  • An intoxicated Nikki is less than intoxicating when she arrives, acting off her game at Katherine’s party. More than a few guests look askance.
  • Suddenly, at the gala, Jill begins to understand Katherine’s music box mystery more. It gives Jill a totally unexpected reward than the one she initially assumed.
  • Nothing’s changed, however, in terms of Jill hating that Katherine gave the business to Victor.
  • Murphy ends up on Jill’s bad side when he — doing only as Katherine wished — halts the party momentarily.
  • Ian goes missing in a dramatic way, triggering a murder investigation. This will not bode well for Nikki.
  • Nick lays out the Mariah secret to Sharon.
  • Sharon will be on the receiving end of the mother of all bombshells.
  • Mariah ends up in a life-threatening situation. It’s curtains for her if Nick and Sharon don’t get to her first.
  • Jill believes Michael’s stepping out on Lauren. But the truth may be much worse.
  • Neil decides it’s a good idea to host a shindig.
  • Thirsty Neil makes life a living hell for his dysfunctional dynasty, skirting the issue.
  • Hilary keeps pushing Devon away, insisting they can never be together anymore and to stop holding on.
  • He may be thirsty for love at any cost, but Neil is also intuiting that his loved ones are behaving oddly, as if keeping him in the dark.
  • Jack and Kelly react to Neil’s blindness in a compassionate and shocked manner.
  • Neil discloses to Jack that without his ability to see, he’s now able to read people’s thoughts. This scares an eavesdropping Devon to his core.
  • Cane demands his father Colin ‘fess up to his sh*t.
  • Someone Avery least imagined would ring her up, does. It’s her long-suffering ex-husband.
  • Jack gives Summer a heads-up that he and Kelly will be living together from now on.
  • Phyllis displays the first signs of coming out of her coma.

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