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Previews for the week of 15-Sep-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Chelsea lays out her feelings for Billy in a nutshell, risking rejection.
  • Victoria feels overcome with legit jealousy.
  • Mariah lucks out on a real friend who’s on her side. She never thought this could be.
  • Nikki opens up with her new drinking buddy Maureen, but maybe she shouldn’t.
  • When Nikki sees that Maureen is Stitch’s mom, she’s bothered.
  • Not to worry. Maureen proves she’s to be trusted with Nikki.
  • Jack and Abby gab about Phyllis and her situation. Feelings are involved, which Kelly — who’s lurking nearby — realizes with dread.
  • Sharon and Nick prepare to walk down the aisle — again. They broadcast these good tidings to one and all.
  • A very bad dream upsets Sharon’s potential happiness. It’s a harbinger of things to come.
  • Kelly brings up the subject of Phyllis with Sharon, who has every right to be nervous.
  • Kelly wants Sharon to give her the lurid details of her relationship with Phyllis.
  • Phyllis, bolt upright.
  • Guess who finds out what Sharon did to Phyllis first? Yup, Mariah.
  • Meanwhile, Victor’s trying to suss out Ashley’s big business idea.
  • Paul interrogates his own son, Dylan, about Ian Ward’s possible murder — and all that blood.
  • Dylan seems to have all the right answers about the wounds suffered on his hand. He tells Paul he was mad when he put his fist through a random window.
  • Avery supports and uplifts her man, Dylan, through this trial.
  • Paul reaches out to bond with Dylan, father to son.
  • Lauren pressures Michael to confront their marital problem.
  • Devon and Hilary forget themselves, and their responsibility to Neil, and make out. Okay, they flat-out get busy.
  • Hilary promises Devon she will have to stay with Neil if he turns out to be blind forever.
  • Malcolm’s counsel has its effect on Neil, who prepares to let Hilary go.
  • Neil surprises Hilary with the latest development.
  • Next week:  Sharon’s Bachelorette Party may be her last hurrah. A stripper shows up. He’s famous, too… Victor goes on a hunt for Sharon’s big, dark secret… Kelly fears she will come up short with Jack, compared to Phyllis… Nikki and Maureen’s drinking friendship could very well damage their respective clans… Neil shares his decision to let Hilary go with Lily first. He doesn’t want to be a burden… Chloe makes her way back, just to remember Delia.

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