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Previews for the week of 01-Feb-2016

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Adam has his hands full double-crossing Victor and taking care that Noah isn’t found out or ratted out about Billy’s accident.
  • Adam takes on Luca, to salvage Noah’s reputation. If he fails, Noah is in danger of watching his entire life blow up, and then bye-bye Marisa.
  • Adam concocts a scheme to nail Luca, so the bad boy can’t fight back.
  • Luca intends to triumph over Victor, laying down the groundwork for this to happen.
  • What’s this now? Rather, who just came into view?
  • Noah continues living with a cloud over his head, waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  • Meanwhile, Adam acts like the dutiful firstborn son to Victor’s ruthless power plays. Victor is none the wiser as to Adam’s duplicity, yet.
  • It’s the yet that bothers Chelsea.
  • Chelsea implores Adam to watch his step, because juggling all these balls will not end well.
  • Chelsea insists Adam go with the better choice in all this insanity.
  • Jack reaches out to Adam for a leg up on this one detail.
  • Phyllis ratchets up the stakes by aiming her sights on Victor damnation.
  • Billy kicks off his new lease on life by lying to Victoria, the supposed love of his life. This one huge secret may come between them.
  • Billy starts his renewed life after near-death on the wrong foot.
  • Billy endeavors to win back Victoria, come hell, high water, or Victor’s meddling.
  • Nick has a private moment with Sharon, unburdening himself somewhat.
  • Convinced Dr. Anderson is up to no good, Sage puts on an Emmy-winning performance for Dr. Karshmer and then a cynical Dr. Shelby in order to get admitted into Fairview for a longer stay. Sage means to witness the deal personally.
  • Throughout Sage’s insane plan, Nick is riding shotgun. He’s the one who talks Dr. Karshmer into giving Sage the entry exam in the first place.
  • When Dr. Shelby steps in to interject that Sage seems to be faking crazy, Sage amps up the nutjob act until she’s almost even convinced Nick she’s ready for the funny farm.
  • Finally a believer, Dr. Shelby personally sees to it that Sage goes to Fairview asap.
  • Nick worries in private to Sage that the two of them are gonna get it for doing this.
  • Dr. Anderson sidles up to Nick to pretend to care, after Sage goes to Fairview. Nick uses this window of opportunity to work the psycho doctor into showing herself.
  • Nick’s charms work on Dr. Anderson, to the point where she discloses a major secret about her identity.
  • However, there’s more to Dr. Anderson that just that shocking little tidbit — an entire thriller is about to unravel.
  • What happens when Sage is busted for her fraud, which is just around the corner…?
  • Jill devises a way to get Cane and Lily back together, using her and Colin’s anniversary party as the perfect decoy. Guests are okay with it, or whatever.
  • Cane and Michael are forced to wrap up a meeting after something awry goes down.
  • Hilary doesn’t want to sign off on the divorce, and tells Neil she senses doing so would be against all that’s in her. He’s taken aback, and hopeful.
  • Neil encourages Hilary to give Devon one more try, because they have a special love. #RedemptionTime
  • Hilary senses she does love Devon more than anyone, but time is running out.
  • Devon complains to Lily about Hilary. He feels that Hilary’s got him totally hooked, with no hope in sight.
  • Lily bitches Hilary out after Devon’s heartfelt outburst.
  • Thinking the worst, Lily puts Hilary on blast. Hilary claps back, and it’s on.
  • But when Hilary touches her wedding ring, her memory begins to come back, eliciting real emotion for Devon.
  • Abby puts her foot down with Max, refusing to let this kid run her.

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