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Previews for the week of 29-Sep-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • The cops come down hard on Dylan, putting cuffs on the golden boy.
  • Nikki goes around acting like she’s sober when she is so not.
  • Nikki and Paul must team up in order for Dylan to make it through this law and order process unscathed.
  • If Nikki’s not careful, her friendship with Maureen could be her and her clan’s undoing. Same for Maureen.
  • The highlight of this week will be Nick and Sharon’s bachelor and bachelorette parties. They’ll be arrested by the cops by the end of it all, but it’s all in good fun — until it isn’t.
  • Victoria and Chelsea face off in a catfight. RME. Way to give them rooting value as two heroines.
  • Billy and Chelsea don’t see eye to eye because neither of them are good at communicating.
  • Phyllis infiltrates Jack’s place.
  • Phyllis also infiltrates Sharon’s abode, locating her rival’s traffic ticket.
  • Phyllis intends on piecing together an airtight case against Sharon.
  • Ashley marches her ideas through and puts her strategy in place.
  • Noble Neil confides in Lily about having to divorce Hilary in order to set her free from his handicapped life. He says he doesn’t want to put a ball and chain on Hilary, with him being blind.
  • Hi, Fen! Who?? Lauren and Michael’s son visits from college.
  • Avery’s ex-husband Joe Clark means to do her and Dylan harm.
  • Next week:  Michael and Lauren must rely on their love to endure the biggest hurdle they’ve ever faced, if they can ever overcome it… Phyllis plots to even the score with Sharon, and then some… Phyllis is back, which causes Kelly an untold amount of despair… Nick and Sharon may not make it to the altar… Kelly is sure that she will lose Jack to Phyllis… Kelly’s past will wreck her chances with Jack… There’s more to Kelly and Stitch’s past, as the residents soon find out.

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