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Previews for the week of 05-Oct-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Phyllis is the one to drop the bombshell about Adam to Victor and Jack.
  • Victor fights Phyllis’s assertion about Adam. At first. Then, it all sinks in, the incredulity, the joy, the profound betrayal.
  • Victor goes to exact his pound of flesh for this betrayal.
  • Victor vs. Jack: The two go at it, back and forth, as to who is the worst to blame here.
  • Victor vs. Adam: Explosive! Their confrontation will divide the clan.
  • Victoria attacks Sage for being in on the Gabriel/Adam scam all along.
  • Nick’s mind reels at the fact that Adam’s been among them this entire time. His first thought is to go find Sage.
  • When Nick finds out about Sage’s involvement in the Gabriel charade, all bets may be off.
  • Nick grapples with whether to stay true to Sage or dump her.
  • Adam relies on Kevin’s hacking skills to knock this computer virus out.
  • Once the secret comes out, Adam’s main concern is watching his loved ones go bye-bye — to hell with going to prison or dealing with Billy’s angry face.
  • Billy is going to tear Adam to shreds.
  • Patty notices that the doctor of this asylum loaded Sharon up with medication that could harm the unborn child. This bothers Paul’s nutty sister.
  • Dylan comes by to take Sharon out of the asylum, thinking she’s well enough to go home. However, Sharon would rather stay.
  • Patty waylays Dylan in the hallway, making his acquaintance. She leaves him with a foreboding word.
  • Too bad Dylan already knows about Patty and writes her off.
  • Michael and Lauren seem back on track, except for one nagging plot point.
  • Jill deals with a terrible missive about someone.
  • Colin’s gone AWOL; one of a handful of people who gives a damn tries to pinpoint his coordinates. But the man is in quite a pickle.
  • Dylan lays into Colin but good.
  • Nikki gives wise counsel that is appreciated and well received.
  • Devon wastes no time in reaching Hilary, safe and sound. He’ll bulldoze through anyone to do it.

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