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Previews for the week of 20-Oct-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Victor informs Phyllis he’s the one who brought her back from the coma, and now it’s time to pay the piper.
  • Jack learns what Victor did to get Phyllis to wake up.
  • Jack wants Summer to tell him her part in Phyllis’ experimental treatment; did she agree to this?
  • When Summer finds out all the details, even she’s grossed out by the lengths to which Victor will go.
  • Victor, of course, has an answer for everything.
  • Phyllis doesn’t welcome Summer’s new marriage. In fact, she expects the marriage to be annulled right away.
  • Phyllis gets proactive.
  • Ian Ward’s not dead?! Nope, he’s alive and well and headed Nikki’s way at the AC.
  • Dylan worries himself sick about protecting his mom.
  • Dylan will have to dance with the devil.
  • Nikki bemoans exposing her loved ones to Ian.
  • Paul goes on an apprehending mode.
  • Michael is blindsided by medical news on his condition.
  • Avery would like to know exactly what brought Joe Clark here. She doesn’t buy his innocent act.
  • Joe’s presence will divide this town, and most certainly throw a wrench into Avery and Dylan’s happy relationship.
  • Joe meets with Michael for some reason.
  • Sharon consults with a soothsayer named Madam Isadora.
  • Phyllis puts Sharon on her Hit List.
  • Kelly finds Phyllis a formidable barrier to her happiness.
  • When Avery tells Dylan who Joe Clark is, it’s instant bad blood. Dylan’s eyeing Joe like a hawk.
  • Joe’s in town to commercialize some of the town’s most beloved mom ‘n pops, including Crimson Lights.
  • Lily makes up with her arch-enemy Hilary.
  • Neil tries to make love with his wife, but this strikes Hilary with terror.
  • Hilary gives Neil a bogus answer when he inquires as to her distance.
  • When Devon calls Hilary, Neil hears that it is his son (based on the ring tone) and is curious.
  • Victoria latches onto a dramatic bit of info that will affect everyone.
  • Ashley and Stitch grow closer, as they work on her hush-hush business venture — for a perfume so intoxicating, it’ll drive all the men wild. He tells her he’s grateful for her giving him the opportunity. He also hits on her a little.
  • Ashley gives Stitch a history lesson on her own checkered past.
  • Ashley’s new scent so turns Stitch on, that he’s moved to plant a kiss on her, then is instantly mortified.
  • Victoria and Abby just happen to be there when Stitch kisses Ashley.
  • Next week:  Will Michael learn he has inoperable cancer and die on Lauren?... Adam returns, but to what?... Adam must vie for Chelsea’s love now, with Billy in the picture. Victoria hates it too… Victoria turns around and rebounds back to Stitch, since Billy’s preoccupied with Chelsea.

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