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Previews for the week of 23-Mar-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Victor pounces on Jabot. So much for the olive branch.
  • Victor takes down the Jabot copycat product in the Brash and Sassy line.
  • Jack believes Victor will soon pull the rug out, but hasn’t any idea how.
  • Victor then pounces on the biggest secret to ever hit Jack. This will eliminate his competition better than anything else ever has.
  • Jack and Phyllis react to the latest astonishing turn of events.
  • Ooh la la, Nick and Sage, sitting in a tree.
  • Sage hesitates at jumping in completely, because of her baggage. She’s not a free woman.
  • Paul earns Christine’s wrath — for saying he’s sorry to Nikki about assuming she was responsible for the car accident.
  • Christine files a civil case against Neil and Nikki in this accidental homicide. Paul bristles, their marriage suffering.
  • Victor confidently believes Christine is gonna lose out on this one.
  • Nikki feels compassion for Christine’s plight, though.
  • Neil encounters a familiar face he hasn’t seen in awhile.
  • Bowed down with disgust for himself, Neil’s life turns into a nightmare.
  • Victor saves Neil from too long a stay in jail with an attorney and bail.
  • Leslie returns to pull Neil out from the darkness.
  • But Neil would rather take his lashes like a man, than receive salvation in any form. He wants Victor and Nikki to let him stew.
  • Neil beats himself up in front of Christine for what he did. This causes her misgivings about her suit.
  • Gabriel and Chelsea go on a road trip together. He gladly tags along, just to smell her hair.
  • Avery latches onto a clue which would unveil Gabriel’s motive as Adam.
  • Victoria meets with Billy to seriously discuss important matters. Hearts open up like church doors.
  • Ashley throws a wrench in the mix by asking what’s the dealio with Billy and Victoria.
  • What is Sharon doing with Austin’s computer? She, er, explains to the Scooby Doo gang. She better make it good.
  • Sharon might’ve blurted out a family secret (about Mariah) to the charming stranger and then offed him to keep him from blurting. Or, is that even the real Austin?
  • Noah puzzles over the Sharon/Austin angle, and angles to keep his mom from further harm. Maybe Dylan can help.
  • It’s Noah v. Kyle, fists of fury.
  • In Summer’s mind, it’s not out of the question to wonder how far Sharon went to keep her part in this private.
  • Kevin scopes out more of Austin’s skeletons.
  • Stitch gets involved in the mystery by extending his services to Abby.
  • Abby could get her paws on Stitch next.
  • Victoria flinches when Stitch pulls Abby in for an embrace.
  • Michael talks to Cane in confidence about what he’s going through with Lauren.

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