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Previews for the week of 27-Oct-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Phyllis corners Sharon, intent on toying with her as a cat toys with a mouse. Phyllis makes like she caused her own coma by slipping down the stairs — to keep Sharon off-balance. Then, pretends to innocently inquire as to whether Sharon was around at the time.
  • Phyllis makes Sharon squirm by bringing up that night, mincing around the point.
  • Sharon, however, honestly doesn’t recall whether she was with Phyllis before the accident. She does suddenly remember that she spotted Phyllis at the graveyard.
  • Phyllis goes about setting Sharon up for destruction, taking her sweet time.
  • Kelly explains to Jack that he must choose. He can’t keep her hanging on.
  • Victor and Nikki go back and forth in an aggravating argument.
  • Victor pressures Nikki to just be honest already.
  • Nikki and Maureen let loose in Maureen’s GCAC room — let the liquor flow.
  • But then Maureen’s son Stitch arrives unannounced, sending Nikki into the bathroom.
  • Aha! Stitch reveals that he never murdered his own dad when he expresses to his mom that he isn’t able to bear the burden much longer. Nikki’s hearing all of this.
  • Maureen freaks out, knowing Nikki is in the bathroom taking all this in.
  • Stitch and Victoria talk about their relationship, what’s transpired, and if they have anything left to salvage.
  • Victoria gives Stitch another chance with her — but she stresses that he can’t keep stonewalling.
  • Lauren begins to think Michael’s stepping out on her. It’s worse than that.
  • Emotionally, Chelsea is finally ready to let Adam go.
  • Ashley tests her new perfume sample.
  • Dylan gets the biggest news of his life, which turns his world upside-down.
  • Cane knows the score with Joe Clark coming here.
  • Jill shows up with Colin (who?), as she gives him a hard time, demanding he cut the crap.
  • Lily suspects Hilary of subterfuge. The chase is on!
  • Kelly Sullivan (ex-Connie/Kate, GH) appears Tuesday as Sage Warner.

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