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Previews for the week of 24-Nov-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • There will be no Y&R on Thanksgiving Day Thursday, due to NFL football.
  • Black Friday will air the September 30th rerun of Nick and Sharon’s bachelor/bachelorette parties.
  • Nikki and Victor put on a Thanksgiving party for their loved ones at the Ranch. A few crash this party.
  • Phyllis gloats to Kelly about her recent engagement to Jack, then twists the knife further by hiring her to arrange the wedding details.
  • Jack and Kelly are put in misery, c/o Phyllis and her games.
  • But Kelly’s not to be dealt with lightly, as Phyllis will soon figure out.
  • Jack and Phyllis find things to truly be thankful for on Thanksgiving, together.
  • Nick goes through a major life change, especially when his ex-girlfriend Amy shows up.
  • Noah and Mariah side with Sharon, and let her know about it.
  • Stitch enlightens his sister Kelly about taking the rap for his mother’s murder of their dad.
  • Stitch lets Ashley in on what he’s been going through and struggling with.
  • Victoria has Stitch and Billy go through a DNA test for paternity.
  • Chelsea worries she’ll lose Billy to Victoria if the newborn daughter belongs to him by blood.
  • Adam prepares to reveal himself, but it’s not going to be easy to do.
  • Carol Banks Weber will be on vacation the week of December 1. Scoops & Spoilers will return the week of December 8.

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