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Previews for the week of 14-Jul-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Ian manages to upset Nikki’s applecart, getting her right where she lives.
  • Nikki begins to get thirsty, if you know what I mean.
  • Nikki visits with Katherine’s spirit at Chancellor Park to take the edge off.
  • Reset and refreshed, Nikki aims at defeating Ian Ward.
  • Paul receives a warm, hero’s welcome at the police station.
  • When Christine catches Nikki (and Victor) around Paul at the cop shop, she gets jealous. Nikki seems to be a threat, building on what she has with Paul.
  • Neither Nikki or Paul are aware of any feelings. But when Paul takes up for Nikki instinctively in their fight against Ian Ward, all of Christine’s fears rise up for her marriage.
  • Christine launches into a patronizing observation about Nikki’s bad choices early on.
  • Victor jumps on the fact that Mariah’s living at Sharon’s cottage. He means to unearth Sharon’s big secret.
  • Poor Adam. The spy keeps track of Chelsea, who’s all over Billy next.
  • Kelly reveals additional data on Stitch to Jack.
  • Stitch says Chelsea better stop digging if she knows what’s good for her.
  • Did Summer actually believe she and Austin will ride off into the sunset with nary a slip-up? Ha ha. Her wedding preparation becomes thwarted.
  • Jack wants to know the reason for Austin’s arrest.
  • Harding fills Jack in on Austin’s arrest: violating the terms of his parole.
  • Colin expresses to Lauren that they’d make the perfect team.
  • Jill requests that Colin give a little.
  • Lily the fake tries to act like all she wants to do is be helpful to Hilary by volunteering to get her dry cleaning.
  • Neil persists in querying Lily about Devon’s mental state.
  • Hilary’s dry cleaning goes conveniently missing.
  • Devon assists Hilary in locating her missing items, just to be close to her.
  • Devon feels he must physical be apart from Hilary, or he’ll go insane. He tells her so. This bums her out.
  • What is Cane walking in on at the dry cleaners? He sees Devon and Hilary almost in the altogether.
  • Traci returns home bearing bad news.
  • Next week:  It begins to happen. Nikki and Paul find themselves unable to stay away… Nikki realizes if she lays everything out at the upcoming trial, she could do more harm than good, so she arrives at another, adjusted plan of attack… Something else happens to drive a wedge between Nikki and Victor… Dylan suffers from another PTSD moment, because of the stress he’s gone under.

Young and the Restless Scoops & Spoilers will be on hiatus until August 11 while Carol is on summer break. Check out our Young and the Restless message board for the latest spoilers!

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