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Previews for the week of 02-Mar-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Kyle v. Austin… See what happens.
  • Jack thinks he’s burying the hatchet with his arch-rival Victor for the sake of Phyllis, but The Mustache has got other plans in store. BWAHAHAHAHA.
  • Victor and Jack appear to join forces in order to fight for Phyllis.
  • Victor strongly persuades Kelly to join forces with him, with Jack as her ultimate reward.
  • Kelly mulls over Victor’s proposition, knowing she must dance to his tune, but realizing Jack’s worth the price.
  • Kelly senses that Victor’s not above manipulating her and Phyllis to drive his payback home.
  • When Victor promises Kelly that he can extricate Jack from Phyllis’ grasp, that tips the scales in his favor.
  • Kelly throws in with Victor, but only so she can have Jack.
  • Jack continues his deceitful campaign against Kelly by swearing up and down to Paul and Christine that he never touched that psycho on VDay.
  • Christine sees right through Jack’s deceit, swearing that she will dispense Phyllis’ punishment properly.
  • Kelly appeals to Ashley to get Jack to own up to their sexy night together, plus explain what his deal is in hiding that fact.
  • Ashley’s just plain confounded by her brother’s squirrelly behavior.
  • Ashley reads Jack on his deceit about having screwed around with Kelly that last time.
  • Jack then reveals to Ashley all about his and Victor’s scheme. She’s aghast at the possibility.
  • Jack amends his announcement to Ashley, by reassuring her that he’s still got one good eye open when it comes to Victor.
  • Jack and Ashley toil industriously, so that their Jabot stays solvent and profitable in the storm.
  • Ashley puts Victor through her personal paces about getting friendly with his mortal enemy Jack. But Victor swears the Underground disaster made Jack a changed man.
  • Nikki’s week is gonna suuuuck. She sees her life spiraling, unable to stop the train wreck she started.
  • Batten the hatches! Christine v Paul because of Nikki.
  • Christine continues using her position in a vendetta against Phyllis, and calling it justice.
  • Phyllis encounters a snippy Christine with Paul when finding out what happened to Austin.
  • Christine puts Phyllis in check, get ready for the fire.
  • Phyllis checks in on an emotionally overladen Summer, then loads Jack up with all the sordid details about Austin.
  • Phyllis and Nick band together as parents to support Summer, a common Summer theme.
  • By the time Austin’s memorial service starts, Summer will need all the support she can get. Something bonkers happens there.
  • What exactly is that bubble-headed twit Abby hiding from everyone?
  • Nick discusses Underground business, post-collapse, with Avery.
  • Avery queries Nick about his growing connection to Sage.
  • Nick honestly answers that he really digs Sage, but knows he cannot act on this since she’s legally married to someone else.
  • Sage thinks Nick hung the moon and isn’t shy about letting him know.
  • Avery cautions Nick to tread lightly here, or else risk Sharon’s retribution. Sage is a married woman after all, and that status will only add fuel to the fire if Sharon revives her custody battle.
  • Billy has second thoughts about opening up the Abbott mansion to Sage and Gabriel, now that this other drama’s unfolding.
  • Billy looks askance at Gabriel’s itinerary for Chelsea, because it’s plain to see this new guy’s got the hots for her.
  • Gabriel scolds Sage for blabbing about him having the hots for Chelsea. They begin to quarrel.
  • Gabriel forces Sage to tow the line, or else.
  • In Gabriel/Adam’s mind, Sage acting territorial makes this act even more plausible.
  • After finally getting out of the hospital, Jack goes home and is surprised to see Adam living there.
  • Adam tells Jack that it was on Billy’s invitation.
  • Jack expresses concern to Adam that Billy isn’t an idiot and may figure out the charade. But Adam’s confident that he’s got Billy fooled. Adam’s always been too confident.
  • Billy latches onto the disconnect regarding this Bingham.
  • Billy can’t stop replaying the remark about Gabriel evening the score after rescuing him.
  • Billy knows that left to his own devices, Gabriel would’ve let Billy rot in the fire.
  • Victoria must settle on a tough course of action.
  • Sharon and Dylan become even better pals.
  • Stitch notices Victoria and Billy getting close again, and makes a stink about it, like, what is up?
  • Neil doesn’t give a damn about himself anymore, diving into the bottle, much to Lily’s horror.
  • Lily is beside herself stressing out about her drunken father who has yet to sober up.
  • When Lily tries to block Neil from drinking even more, he grows belligerent and resentful, and defiant, chugging that booze right in front of her.
  • Even Nikki tries to help Neil to an AA meeting, when she sees him liquoring up at the AC.
  • Devon tries to reach Neil, if only to get him to ease up on Lily who only has his best interests at heart.

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