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News for the week of 13-Apr-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

When the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences added a new Daytime Emmy category — “Outstanding Guest Star In A Drama Series” — this year, Elena Tovar (Rosalie) made the cut representing GH. “The ladies over at GH reached out and asked if I did want to submit something, what would I want to put in? I had just done a scene with Chad Duell (Michael) where we're sitting together in a bar and basically getting smashed and having a conversation about life. I had a lot of fun shooting it, and I think that comes through. So I submitted that scene,” Tovar told ABC Soaps in Depth, April 2. Tovar learned of her nomination from fans on Twitter. She’s very grateful.

Rebecca Budig (Hayden; ex-Greenlee, AMC) was thrilled to act opposite Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), but not so thrilled about jumping right into a sex scene so close to having her baby IRL. Budig told Kambra Clifford all about it and more in an April 9th interview for Soap Central.“I love Tyler Christopher. Love him. So I am so excited. Although, they wrote it like Nikolas doesn't want Hayden, but he can't help wanting sex with her, so I don't know how it's going to end,” Budig enthused. Then, the reality of the situation hit her. “It was hooooorrrrrible. Just horrible. Look, love scenes weren't ever easy, but I was always pretty confident and felt fine in my body. But after a baby, I'm just not there yet. I'm having hope that I will, but I'm not like Stacy Kiebler, who looks like she never had a baby in her life. I'm just not there.” She’s also not quite there in the memory department, saying that having a baby messes with that part of the brain. Having to also jump back into soaps with all that dialogue, the faster pace, the lack of rehearsals… “I remember on my first day, I think I had two shows, and I was like, ‘Whoa!’ because it goes so fast, and I hadn't memorized lines like that in so long. So it was a little like, ‘Whoa, I don't know if I can remember everything.’ I had just stopped breastfeeding, and I still didn't have my brain back. Well, I still don't have my brain back! I think it came out with the baby. Half your brain is with your baby all the time.” Having a baby has made Budig more sensitive, aka, she bawls at the drop of a hat — and this is coming from someone who never saw herself as a baby person before she had her own.

Jason Thompson (Patrick) married his longtime girlfriend Paloma Jonas April 5. Jonas is the founder/designer of Valentine NYC. The couple — who became engaged last July — married on the beach in San Pancho, Mexico, with a few friends in attendance.

Gossip for the week of 13-Apr-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Vanessa Marcil’s (ex-Brenda) slew of tweets had everyone buzzing about a GH return. Marcil started the ball rolling by tweeting last week about “big news.” But then Kimberly McCullough (Robin) observed that the “big news” tweet-pic looked like it was taken at a GH dressing room, which prompted Marcil to respond that, “It’s personal news not work related.”

Bryan Craig (Morgan) got in hot water with fans and maybe even head writer Ron Carlivati for his tweets. First, he pissed off fans by directing them to pay for a video chat with his girlfriend Kelly Thiebaud (ex-Britt) if they wanted him to answer some questions about the show. Then, he might’ve expressed some fans’ discontent with the current storyline involving his character, which might’ve reached Carlivati’s ears, and ticked him off. All of this is second hand info, because nothing’s on Craig’s timeline to indicate any of this. But, it’s all on Alan Sarapa’s Twitter feed, after the fan posted this on April 7: “I wonder when we'll get the BC is leaving announcement. You don't get to be that flippant with your boss and still keep your job. #GH” When someone asked about the video chat, Sarapa responded with this screen capture of a supposed Craig putting his feelings out there about this storyline of his: “His video chat happened. And he dug the hole further” in this alleged exchange with a fan: ‘ron got mad about a tweet I put out [bryanacraig],’ ‘we love you bryan please don’t delete it [Laurenrae10],’ ‘but honestly I’m tired of what’s going on [BC].’”

Robin Scorpio may return soon carrying Lulu and Dante’s baby that Helena put inside her womb. Then, Sam gets herself hijacked again with Jake attempting to play hero and failing this time. A Samhunt commences and Jake goes down, literally and figuratively, for the rap. Elizabeth learns that Jake is really Jason when the Nurses’ Ball happens but doesn’t let anyone else know “so she can have Jason to herself.” Sam’s not the only one to suffer from a kidnapping, Avery’s next. Sam and Patrick may walk down the aisle, as well as Brad and Lucas… maybe by May, maybe not. Sam and Patrick are most likely the couple tying the knot and staying together until she discovers Jake’s true identity but by November Sweeps. Valerie’s hanging around so that she can play the spoiler to Lulu and Dante. –Trixie’s spoilers posted via DD and reposted on April 10 on the SoapZone GH board by Lynx

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