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News for the week of 24-Aug-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Billy Miller (Jake/Jason; ex-Billy, Y&R) endeared himself to a great many GH fans in his August 21st interview with Michael Fairman. Miller didn’t throw any former head writers under the bus or complain about a lack of substantial leading-man-worthy story. He simply, honestly spoke about his admiration for soap opera writers doing an often thankless job, and said he was doing his best under the circumstances to make Jake/Jason his own, working the beats of an admittedly slow build, without giving anything away quite yet. He also managed to lavish genuine praise on leading ladies he shares amazing chemistry with, without even trying: Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), Laura Wright (Carly), and Kelly Monaco (Sam). Surprisingly, he singled out a quiet scene with veteran soap actress Leslie Charleson (Monica) who plays his mother as a favorite for its natural realism. “Being from the south, which I am, and walking into somebody’s home and talking to their mother, that is exactly how you would address them as we did in that scene,” Miller described. “It was like a mother and son scene, which was why it was ironic, fun, and a really cool scene. We didn’t have to shoot anybody. We didn’t have to pull a microchip out of our heads, and we didn’t have to play up to plot. We were allowed to play two people sitting on a couch talking. It is the best scene that I have had on GH thus far.” He also detailed some challenges in taking on this new role that Steve Burton (Dylan, Y&R) memorably left, including changing the register of his low voice to suit the GH set and adjusting to the main difference in the characters of Jason versus Billy. “What is interesting about this character, as compared to Billy Abbott, ‘Jake’ doesn’t do a lot of talking. When I was on Y&R, I used to say to myself, ‘Shut up Billy!’ Also, I’ve learned that my lower voice and soft speech can be a problem. GH is mostly mic’d from above, so we are losing my end of the dialogue sometimes on this show. It is a problem I know, and I’m addressing it. When I got to GH I was like, ‘Why is everybody yelling at me? I hear you!’ (Laughs) And then after the first two shows aired, I could see why, as I was very low on the audio.”

Gossip for the week of 24-Aug-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Sigh, another actor gets lost in the Twitter shuffle. Allegedly, Bryan Craig (Morgan) and family members got into the act of verbally battling disgruntled soap fans — until it got personal, ugly, and threats were made then retracted. For those following the real-life drama, the gist as far as I understand (which isn’t much, considering I don’t follow any of these people)… Fans have been tweeting their criticisms about Craig since he first charged money for some online video event with fans, then took up selling some fountain of youth product to fans with his girlfriend Kelly Thiebaud (ex-Britt). Craig really pissed off fans when he co-signed like a sycophant at Maurice Benard’s (Sonny) “Sonny & Sons” GH Fan Club Weekend event, when Benard talked about getting rid of head writer Ron Carlivati, like it mattered.

Then, allegedly, Craig’s family members — maybe a mother and father, Christ even a grandmother? — got into the Twitter beef, and that’s when the young actor lost it and threatened some fan with bodily harm, with the breaking of fingers. Yes, Craig actually tweeted this last Friday: “hey brother you keep typing shit like that to my family I’ll do my best to find you and break every fucking finger you have.” Then, he wisely deleted it. But by then, fans screen-capped the shit out of the tweet. The actor subsequently apologized and tweeted that he needed to take a break from all the negativity, and reiterated that he was only defending his family from perceived attacks. “I appreciate everyone's support, I’m no different than any of you, people saying bad things about my family I don't take kind too.” People who hated Craig before really hate him now, demanding the guy’s firing immediately for threatening a fan who never tweeted to him or his family members. Craig’s parents supposedly searched Twitter for any mention of their son’s name, then went on the attack. They both came after this fan, who merely defended himself to the alleged parents, yet did not respond to Bryan Craig’s threat. Or, as another GH fan tweeted on Saturday: “BC’s family stormed into [this fan’s] mentions. He clapped back and BC threatened to break his fingers.”


For several weeks now, I’d planned on writing a SoapHub commentary about getting rid of deadweight Nina. Time must heal all wounds, because I’ve changed my stance slightly. Read “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Nina?” where I go from wanting to throw her out the door, to giving her more access with the rest of the cast.

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